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Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship
Photo from the Labor day clinic. Videos up in Virtual Clinic

In case you missed it, I made an announcement a short time ago that Virtual Clinic blog will be merged with my FDH Horsemanship Blog so if you haven't subscribed yet, head on over! This Blog will remain active so you can access the archived posts but no new posts will be added.

Also if you are not aware of the new Virtual Clinic classroom, definitely head over and check it out and sign up. Everyone who has signed up has had great things to say.
"your videos are teaching me so much! Thank you for all of your FUN work!"
"I want to let you know that I really enjoy your classroom. You explain everything so clearly."
I have many videos on the way. Currently in the Virtual Clinic is A Colt Starting Vlog, My Going Bitless series, Seat awareness exercises, Liberty, Line, Mounted progressions and more! This site was developed so that I can offer the exercises that I use everyday in my Liberty, Line Mounted approach in an extensive library you can have at your finger tips. If you have any questions, comments or need help signing up or subscribing, let me know. See you at the Virtual Clinic and Blog!


Labor day weekend clinic: Herd Liberty class pt 1

Here is part one of the Herd Liberty class day one from the Labor day weekend clinic. This is a unique way to observe herd behavior and practice exercises inspired by herb culture and equine social behavior. I allowed the participants to choose and let the horses choose who they wanted to work with. The horses/human pairs turned out perfect and they had a great time working on all the exercises right up to mounted during the three days. Enjoy the video and keep a look out for the next installments.


The New Virtual Clinic Launch

I have been busy cooking up the new Virtual Clinic Classroom! It is ready to launch and I have been busy with new videos that are being prepared as I write this. Some of you are already subscribed to my Classroom and this new Virtual Clinic site will replace the existing classroom. You will receive instructions for how to switch to the new Virtual Clinic Classroom in an email soon.

This is much more then a Classroom. My vision is to provide on going clinic support for those who have attended my clinics. My other vision is for those who would like to learn my Liberty-Line-Mounted exercises in an online "Virtual Clinic" environment and who may not be able to work with me in person. If you do work with me in person, you can still join to get access to the exercise library to practice by yourself.

Memberships are $9.95 a month. Some exercises will be free. Your membership includes a profile and the ability to upload videos of your practice for evaluation by me. You can schedule a personal, individual Skype or Google Virtual coach or you can get in on a Clinic Group call. You can also post comments and questions on videos. Online video chats will be available at scheduled times for Clinic Groups in different time zones. Clinic Groups are based on geographic location. Pay per view clinics and exercises will be available at times if you would prefer to just view a clinic exercise or video without a membership.

If you have attended a Clinic with me, The exercises in the clinic will be covered on the site so you can refer to them again and again. I know how hard it is to remember all the information you learn. It  also allows you to be able to progress to more advanced exercises when you're ready. You'll find it all at the new Virtual Clinic.

Currently, Starting Django will be up which is my Vlog of Starting a 3 year old Friesian colt with my Liberty foundation on to Line and Mounted.  I have also posted my Going Bitless class in it's entirety which includes my Liberty-Line-Mounted progression and some of my basic FUN!damental exercises for Chiropractic and Suppleness benefits to your horse. The Going Bitless Clinic should be considered useful for Liberty rein work and Bitted riding as well. My popular Bridling/Halter game Exercise is also up so there's already a lot to look over. New videos will be added regularly. If you enjoy my Youtube channel and want to learn how it's done, this site is for you.

Another change will be this blog will be merged with my Original FDH Blog so if you haven's already subscribed to that one, take this opportunity to do it now. This blog will be switched on October 1st.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Click here to visit the New Virtual Clinic Classroom.



Practicing test patterns for fun

Did you ever think of practicing test patterns just for fun? I know not everyone has competitive aspirations but if you are looking for a challenge and variety in your play and practice, test patterns can be a good learning tool and can be used in many creative ways.

Horses like patterns and shapes because they give them and their person intention and a goal. They give the horse a sense of purpose and destination. It is also a great focusing exercise for distracted horses and fearful riders.

Test patterns come in all levels and abilities so don't think you are not ready to try them. They generally start at the walk, trot/jog. You can also walk the whole pattern, trot in canter sections, and modify the patterns to your level. You can gradually work toward doing it exactly in your own time.

Obviously riding patterns is one way to use them. But you can ride them Bitless, Bareback, English, Western, Gaited or any other style you may do.

Did you ever think of just leading your horse around the pattern? You can practice leading from both sides and if you have a young horse, un-rideable horse, or a horse being rehabbed. This is a creative way to use patterns.

Another fun challenge is to do them at Liberty. Can to get your horse to do the patterns mirroring you? Can you get your horse to circle around you? You could put treats along the shape of the patterns and guide your horse to them. Be creative, modify the patterns to your own liking. Make up your own original ones!

If you do compete, these are fresh ways to practice and make it more fun. See the links here with Western Dressage patterns and USDF Patterns and enjoy the video of some patterns I make up.
Western Dressage Tests
USDF Tests
USEF Tests